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Tooth Reshaping

Dental Contouring to Fix Minor Dental Problems

Tooth reshaping, or dental contouring, is a quick and easy solution for minor problems such as chipped or uneven teeth. Because it is performed in a single session, many patients prefer dental contouring to other more complicated procedures.

The Procedure for Tooth Reshaping

During the procedure, we shave small areas of the tooth's enamel away. The results can be dramatic and the rewards instant; after just one visit, patients leave feeling more confident and comfortable with a straighter, more even smile.

Book a Consultation for Tooth Reshaping with us, your Boston Dentist!

We will perform a consultation examination to determine whether or not dental contouring is the best choice for you. This treatment does require that your natural teeth are healthy and strong because the laminate material needs a solid tooth to bond to. There must also be enough enamel left after the procedure to protect the teeth from additional chipping and breakage. If several teeth are issues for you, we may recommend contouring for some and veneers or crowns for others. These treatments can be used together to restore your smile.

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